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1. Installation

What is the CRUD?

The CRUD cycle describes the elemental functions of a persistent database. CRUD stands for Create, Read, Update and Delete. (Retrieve may occasionally be substituted for Read.) These functions are also descriptive of the data life cycle.

What you'll get and How to install?

CodeIgniter Grocery CRUD Materialize CSS Theme" is ready package and you don't need to install dependencies before the use. Just upload the you've purchased download package and unzip the folder contains to your computer and install it to your server and then you should imprt database to your MySQL database. If you have already installed grocerycrud and If you are already use it on your system and you want to use only Materialize CSS theme you can upload only the assets\grocery_crud\themes\materializecss folder and use it.

First step you should uplad the grocerycrud folder to your server.

Then you need to import examples_database.sql to your MySQL database.

After the installation steps open the config.php + database.php and enter your base path and your MySQL database informations into the database.php.

Video Tutorial - Quick installation guide

Sample Output

2. Using On Pre installed Systems

To install a new theme it is fairly easy. Usually the theme is in a folder structure to just copy it to your project. If you are already use it on your system and you want to use only Materialize CSS theme you can upload only materializecss folder to your assets\grocery_crud\themes\ folder and use it.

6. Support & Extended Things

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