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Hey Gery thanks for your patience. I know we’ve very late for the answer but we are very busy. You can find the answers below. I hope these helps to you.

1. You’re right,Menu loading a bit slowly depending menu intensity. On the our demo one of the cache plugin prevented to work properly now its working good. Please check our demo in your mobile device and let us know the results. Also we can put a different menu as alternative like the Cosmos or Deluxe theme?

2. Yes there is a way to do it; please follow these steps:

a- go to the admin > theme options > main header section and organize like this: http://imagizer.imageshack.com/img537/257/YnjRpE.png

b open the style.css and go to line 2917 and find below:

.header-left, .header-right, .header-center, .header-bottom  {
		display:none !important;

change it with (imple delete header-right within):

.header-left, .header-center, .header-bottom  {
		display:none !important;

3. Checked the Woocommerce order dropdown menu aligned to right of the “Showing 1–4 of 6 results” http://imagizer.imageshack.com/img673/508/P9wjy5.jpg it displaying properly on Chrome, Firefox and Safari. What would you like to align it to the page? Can you please explain it we’ll put it in the updates asap.