Create a full stable CRUD in 30 seconds!

You’ll get Materialize Design for Bootstrap Theme, Modal Box supported, Paging, Scrollable, Fully working system including MySQL files with included extended documentation and much more…

Unlimited Data

The code to create a full CRUD is simple and the result is simple and at the same time very powerful. The simple UI needs almost zero documentation for your client to understand how things works.

Browser Compatibility

Grocery CRUD support all major browsers, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and yes, even Internet Explorer!


Already translated into 34 languages – and changing between languages is easy!

CI + Grocery CRUD = Success

Grocery CRUD works with the one of the simplest frameworks out there. Codeigniter would be an easy choice when we want a simple and yet powerful framework

Customise everything

Everything is automated but you are free to change almost everything. You can customize columns, fields and all the operations with a using callbacks.


You’ll get amazing Materialize for Bootstrap theme and if you want you can use your own theme too.

Big Community and support

A active vibrant community of enthusiastic and welcoming programmers awaits you! Pop into the forums and say hello!

Database relations made easy

Grocery CRUD supports one-to-many and many-to-many relations out of the box. Read our great documentation to find out how to add these quickly and easily.

Well documented

Our well written API documentation will help you with any queries. There are plenty of example to get you started quickly and easily!

Install Grocery CRUD in a few minutes!

Not Sure about something?

First of all what is Grocery CRUD?

Grocery CRUD is a PHP library that works on top of Codeigniter framework. It doesn’t require too much knowledge of PHP or Codeigniter to use it. Grocery CRUD can also be used by newcomers as it is easy to use. Just few simple lines of code and you can start creating a full functional CRUD (with all the Javascript, CSS, views included) for your project. If you are not sure where to start with, I would suggest to read the tutorial of Your first CRUD with grocery CRUD and/or see the quick video installation guide

What are actually the files that I am downloading?

You’ll get full working application and sample MySQL data and Materialize for Bootstrap theme. So you’ll install it in a minute.

Is the demo exactly the theme that I will be getting (or should I expect something less/more)?

Yes. At the demo we always have the latest version of the theme that we will send to you. So if you like it… what you see is what you get 🙂