WordPress Premium Support

WordPress Premium Support

Which step should I follow?

Once you purchase this “WordPress Premium Support” service, our qualified support team will be reach out to you for more information to get started. Or you can request WordPress Premium SupportĀ service our contact form with your information. Please make sure you attached your information on request form

After the support team have all the necessary information, they will begin adding this service to your website. Upon completion, our support team will notify you that the WordPress Premium Support service is complete.


Troubleshooting and fixing theme errors in WordPress

  • Enable logs and/or WordPress debug mode to diagnose the issue
  • Attempt to resolve the issue if the website or logs reveal a theme related error

Troubleshooting and fixing WordPress plugin errors

  • Enable logs and/or WordPress debug mode to diagnose the issue.
  • Attempt to resolve the issue if the website or logs reveal a plugin or widget related error.

Troubleshooting and fixing WordPress contact form errors

  • Troubleshoot and fix issues for 1 contact form
  • Configure the proper mail settings in a contact form
  • Ensure the proper short code has been placed on your contact page

Troubleshooting and fixing WordPress database connection errors

  • Update database connection information in WordPress configuration
  • Reconnect a WordPress database and files
  • Fixing DB connection issues

Troubleshooting Unable to log in to WordPress

  • Troubleshoot issues preventing a login to the WP Admin dashboard
  • Fix login issues. Examples:
    • Update a user’s email address, so a password reset is possible
    • Correct an admin user’s privileges
    • Create a new Admin user
    • Reset failed login attempts
    • Disable plugins preventing login
    • Remove unwanted users
    • Replace missing wp_users database table

Troubleshooting and fixing WordPress image issues

  • Troubleshoot and fix issues preventing images and thumbnails from properly displaying
  • The missing images must be provided, or already be uploaded on the hosting account

Troubleshooting and fixing a media upload error in WordPress

  • Diagnose and fix errors when uploading media within WordPress Dashboard
  • Diagnose and fix issues preventing media from properly displaying in the WordPress library

Troubleshooting and fixing 404 error, broken links, or redirect issues

  • Run a scan to identify broken links.
  • Attempt to fix the root cause of broken internal links.
  • Unlink and list external broken links.

Troubleshooting and fixing WordPress core file errors

  • Troubleshoot issues related to the WordPress Core files
  • Fix Core file issues. Examples:
    • Correct failed WordPress version updates
    • Replace WordPress core files

Troubleshooting and fixing a WordPress white acreen of death

  • Troubleshoot and fix a WordPress site that resolves to a blank white page

Troubleshooting and fixing a WordPress internal server error

  • Troubleshoot and fix a WordPress site that resolves to a 500 Internal Server Error


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