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Hi, thanks for your response. Sorry for the delay, have been away but now need to look again at this.

Sorry, but I’m not following your reply. Are you saying that only the default BG color (#67b5d1) can be used for all menus? Or that this color can be changed but only via coding? If so doesn’t that mean the plugin is not really fully compatible with VC? The whole intent of VC is to create custom layouts without the need for coding. The ability to change colors within VC is a pretty basic feature.

In fact, your own documentation shows a typical VC BG color picker in the ‘Settings’ tab of your screenshots. This appears to be a feature of an older version of the plugin. The current version no longer has that BG color picker.

However, if you are saying that only one BG color can be used but that this color can be changed from the default #67b5d1 then I can live with that. What I can’t see is how a different color is selected. I can create a BG color in the plugin settings but it does not reflect in a Slick Menu element added to a single VC page.

How do you make the functions set in the plugins ‘settings’ override that default #67b5d1 BG color? Do the settings need to be called with an extra class? Or does the style CSS file itself have to be edited? Or, do I need to create a VC template with a Slick Slide Menu to do this?

Now that I have a bit more time I’ll experiment further to see if I can figure this out but if you can provide clear advice on how to do what I’m after (see below) that would be helpful.

Unfortunately the site is in early development so I can’t give you access or a sample page but what I’m trying to achieve is:-

1) I do not want to use a Slick Slide Menu site wide;

2) I want to add slide menus to a range of different pages created in VC. These menus would then be populated with VC elements/links that are slightly different for each page;

3) Ideally, each of these ‘page’ menus could also have a different BG color set individually but this is not vital – a single BG color for all page menus would be ok, but they cannot be that default #67b5d1 color. So the most important thing I need to know is exactly HOW I set a different BG color on a page menu.

It’s clearly possible to do this because your own demo shows a similar presentation. Unfortunately your documentation does not provide much in the way of explanation of how it’s achieved. I suspect a lot of people who might be interested in this plugin are like me – not especially knowledgeable about coding or css (we probably wouldn’t be using VC if we were) and need a bit more in the way of clear documentation.

Please let me know if what I’m after is possible and if you can assist. If the plugin is not capable of this, fair enough, but I’ll have to look for another solution.

Thanks for your help.