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      Hi, I just installed your crud platform. However, the theme is not like the one it should look like. I have checked the css file, they seemd to be loading properly.

      Note: all functionalities seems to be ok. and I have installed it to subdirectory.

      thanks in advance

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      Just have discovered that theme for those part loads properly: products,customers, orders, films, multigrids. However, for the rest it doesnt.

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      Hey there you need to use sample code :

      public function employees_management()

      $crud = new grocery_CRUD();

      $crud->set_theme(‘mdb’); // magic code

      ->display_as(‘lastName’,’Last Name’);


      $crud->add_fields(‘firstName’,’lastName’,’email’,’jobTitle’, ‘officeCode’);


      $output = $crud->render();


      and implement in to your Grocery CRUD. Also if you can sent your platform info such as FTP info, we can help better to you. here is the our contact form

      Kevin J.

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